Organizational Effectiveness

Organizational success depends on talented People, effective Processes and supporting Systems - all working in tandem toward aligned objectives and strategies - we help with our view of best practices, starting with aligning cross functionally on the company plan and priorities and then insuring an executional bias relative to our processes and the systems which support those processes. Our belief is that companies are organized to get the results they achieve, our real world experience of working within various sales and marketing designs provides a winning CPG foundation on which to design highly effective teams - built for speed of decision making and execution of ideas.

Organizational Prioritization - Strategic Planning....Using a proven cross functional process and starting with the Senior Leadership, we will work directly with your team to develop a template to guide the organization in a focused and aligned fashion. Agreeing upon the company mission, setting objectives to achieve that mission, defining the strategies/actions and ultimately the metrics to measure, will provide the company with a roadmap for success which can be cascaded down to the lowest levels of the organization. Thereby creating one platform for consistency and organizational effort to insure success.

Organizational Design (Sales & Marketing)....Structure supports strategy and our work here is intended to create an effective and efficient organization to carry out the strategies set forth by the company. With our emphasis on Sales and Marketing - we apply best practices to design any or all of the following teams:

  • Field Sales
  • Customer Strategy and Marketing
  • Sales Planning
  • Sales Operations
  • Brand Marketing

Our bias is always toward teams that are structured to leverage smart innovative solutions for differentiation and built for executional excellence.

Change Management....Working with your organization to assess structure and existing talent, we will assist you in making critical transitions to best practices. Understanding that "change " can be intimidating, yet imminent, we will work to design the best approach for taking on new strategies, new processes or systems.

Process Mapping + Roles and Responsibilities....Processes are critical to a smoothly running and highly competitive organization. Providing the consistent approaches to how organizations operate will allow you to insure the best ideas are executed in the fastest possible fashion. We will work to assist you in both the design of the processes and defining the various roles and responsibilities of functions/departments and individuals involved in the process. The approach used is grounded inn a RACI format:

  • identifying those who are Responsible for tasks
  • those Accountable
  • Consulted
  • Informed

Our experience in this space provides the basis on which to design any process related to sales and marketing execution.

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