Customer Strategic Development

You reach your consumers through your customers - we seek to enable and insure all parties (Sales, Marketing and the Customer) are working toward the same goals and doing so "Smarter" than the competition - prioritizing and targeting the right channels and customers and developing plans to support those customers where "Joint Planning" will lead to joint growth.

Segmentation Modeling....Organizations must decide what the priorities and focus areas are for their strategic success - this comes in the context of which customers and which brands or promote groups to invest behind. We believe that a basic construct for developing focus for both customer and/or products is associated with 3 questions

  • How Big Are They?
  • How Profitable Are They?
  • Have They Or Can They Grow?

Utilizing an objective/quantified analysis supporting each of these questions, we will work with you to segment your customers and products for focus - using a quadrant view - we can help you make tough, but imperative choices around prioritization of resource investments.

Join Planning Approach & Scorecards....Growing in this highly competitive and increasingly commoditized industry is challenging. We believe that once you have prioritized your customers for growth, that jointly aligning with them on direction is paramount. We can assist in developing the basis for those discussions - establishing the approach and scorecards on which to gauge joint success.

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