Best in Class Customer Marketing requires a 4M view of the world (Marketing Alignment, Managing, Maximizing, Manufacturing Alignment). This enables decision making which is well informed and executed with a sense of urgency using an approach called P.E.T.E. R.. “Productivity” of investment choices involving Trade Budgets (#2 PnL Line Item in CPG Companies), is key to company financial success and enabling companies to “outsmart” vs. “outspend” their competition. Our experience in this area continues to produce multi-million dollar savings for reinvestment or profit applications. We can help you build the 4Ms foundation on which to operate, as well as identify and activate the Trade Promotion systems required to support the work and simplify the efforts.  

Best in Class Consumer Marketing in CPG requires an obsession with understanding Category, Competition, Consumer and own Company capabilities (4Cs) to develop “differentiated” effective strategies in this highly commoditized environment to enhance market share and improve margins. We work to ensure that companies find the meaningful elements of their portfolio and create smart and simple solutions to their opportunities which set them apart from competition – with the overall bias always execution.

Customer Marketing....4Ms Foundation to Build Programs, Processes and Systems Support to Grow Share and Financial Productivity

Consumer Marketing - 4Cs View 

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