Value must be viewed on multiple levels beginning with the assurance that what you see on paper is indeed supportive of a healthy and build-able business plan. Value can then only be recognized once the new business is seamlessly integrated into existing businesses or implemented as a stand- alone – “speed” of effective execution is of the essence – we have a strong track record of successful best in class executions to insure your return on investment is being maximized.

Assessment of New Company Opportunity – Validate Investment Picture and Marketplace Effectiveness… Understanding the real picture relative to potential investments is key for any Private Equity firm. We specialize in analyzing the historical impact of choices related to sales and marketing and looking at areas of potential productivity, both on the financial and competitive fronts. We provide a practical level of insight and confidence that support all the spreadsheets and financial analysis – we encourage you to leverage our experience in this space.

Integration – Making Things Happen to Maximize the ROIs …Once the “acquisition” is complete, the heavy lifting begins. Successfully integrating or initiating a new business can be complex – but it is only at that point of total integration that true savings and productivity can be realized . Our vast experience in this area has enabled us to achieve best practice relative to speed and effectiveness of uniting two companies into one. Using an industry milestone of One Order /One Invoice (acquired company product is ordered and shipped together with existing company goods) as the true integration benchmark – achieving that practice in under 6 months is our goal . We will work across functions and provide the framework for bringing all the elements together to achieve true integration.

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