Customer Strategic Development - Case Study

Not all products nor customers are created equal in terms of opportunities or commitments to manufacturers. In my work I have helped companies sort out the differences by asking 3 simple questions about customers they serve:

  1. How Big Are They?
  2. Are They or Can They Grow?
  3. How Profitable Are They?

I then apply science to systematically rank your customers and then sort them based on your strategic priorities to Grow, Develop, Maintain or Manage. The approach has been proven and has allowed companies to make "smarter choices" around financial and resource investments and equally important, remaining organizationally focused on the same priorities. 


"Mark has led strategic work focused on both the product and customer. His scientific and artful assessment for understanding products and customers has enabled us to align strategically on where and how to best invest valuable resources.  His quantifiable model of segmentation, coupled with his subjective understanding of the business, allowed us to make better choices and focused the organization."

William Toler
CEO Hostess Brands LLC