Commercialization - Case Study

Trade Budgets are often in excess of 20% of revenue and many clients are seeing in highly competitive and commoditized categories, rates that are over 25%. This level of investment rivals the #1 largest PnL investment line – Cost of Goods…. and is consistently #1 controllable. Given the size and ability to impact… finding trade spend productivity is key. On multiple occasions, I have worked with CEOs, CFOs, Chief Commercialization Officers and others, to find ways to generate more return for the dollars being invested. This happens thru a deep understanding of investment strategies, funding programs, historical investment choices, competitive activity and lastly…. an obsession with “incremental consumption” being the driver of true investment success.

The journey usually begins with a strong commitment to “Managing” the funds..then migrates to insuring their “Effectiveness” and lastly, being able to create modelled scenarios to “Optimize” across various dimensions. My experiences are evidence that I am consistently able to find at minimum a 10% improvement in your existing trade budgets (10% on a budget of $100m = $10M ….real money) – with the actual amount being a direct correlation with your current level of practice (process and systems) and status of your trade investment journey.


“When it comes to Customer Marketing and the effective use of trade promotion dollars, I have not worked with anyone in my career with as strong a command of this important work than Mark. His track record of success in helping a Company find creative ways to drive trade promotion effectiveness is backed up with his approach and proven analytics.”

Chris Kiser

"Mark has worked with me now on multiple projects, ranging from Trade Fund Effectiveness to Organizational Design and Change Management in the areas of Customer Marketing and Strategy. We have uncovered valuable insights as our teams worked as one toward very specific goals. Given our Trade Fund Budget ranks #2 on our PnL in terms of size - it was imperative we find ways to make smarter choices to drive productivity. I feel we are now well on our way to achieving a best in class status in this area given our work with Mark"

Scott Almquist
Chief Customer Officer Sun Products Corporation.

"A recent experience at a major CPG client allowed our two teams to work together - leveraging our analytical expertise with that of Mark's business experience and best in class practices.  Together we successfully integrated art and science and developed a very robust Trade Fund a supporting set of strategies and tactics - enabling smarter choices for the selling organization."

Sharat Mathur 
Sr Vice President
IRI Worldwide.